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A special Christmas message from GPA Global

The Storm GPA

“In stormy weather, don’t forget to reach out a hand”. We’ve created an animated film with an important message in response to the unique challenges of 2020.

The Storm GPA
A special Christmas message from GPA Global

This year has been challenging for all of us, no matter what our individual circumstances. As we enter the closing days of 2020, we’ve decided to reflect on the past nine months and give thanks to everybody who has helped us through.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, but if one thing has been consistent, it’s that there’s always been someone to step up and help those in need – from doctors, nurses and teachers, to normal folk checking in on elderly neighbors.

In a year of doom-laden headlines and scary statistics, we’ve found ourselves inspired by countless stories of kindness. To celebrate this, and to encourage more charity this festive season, we’re putting out a special Christmas film, which was created by our talented UK team.

“The Storm” is a short animation that sees a varied cast of characters out to sea as a devastating weather front moves in. We won’t spoil the ending, but the final message is all about helping those in need.

Please watch and share this video. We hope to spread the message that in challenging times, kindness and charity are key – and that Christmas is the perfect time to reach out a hand to someone in need.

A special Christmas message from GPA Global

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at GPA Global.



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