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House of Marley

House of Marley by GPA Global

This innovative electronic display was built with sustainable materials and is designed for easy updates, enabling a store life of two to three years.

House of Marley by GPA Global

About the project

House of Marley is an audio electronics company founded by the family of legendary musician Bob Marley. Perhaps most famous for their headphones and earbuds, the brand also manufactures speakers and turntables. In keeping with Bob Marley’s passion for environmentalism, the company is all about sustainability.

Marley products are made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, recycled fabric and paper, recyclable aluminium, and FSC-certified wood – to name just a few! With this in mind, the GPA Global team had a high standard to meet when we went about designing this clever, electronic, in-store display stand.

The project outcome

To satisfy the sustainable credentials of House of Marley, we built this display from (renewable) bamboo and white powder-coated 1.2mm steel, eliminating plastic wherever we could. The display, which comes in two sizes – 2’ and 4’ – boasts a 13.3” screen, and was designed with easy updates in mind, allowing products to be switched two to four times a year.  

We included a custom-built track system, magnetic product IDs and a hidden access door, all of which allow a single store employee to make quick changes to the display, without moving or turning it from its existing position. With these features in mind, the display is expected to last in a store environment for two to three years.