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Rimmel One Swipe to Bold

Rimmel One Swipe to Bold

This sleek, on-trend influencer kit for Rimmel required a versatile foam spacer allowing it to be tailored to different markets.

Rimmel One Swipe to Bold

About the project

For beauty brands, launching a new product range is all about connecting with influencers. In addition to traditional advertising, modern companies wanting to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market need to find ways to reach out to beauty bloggers with large social media followings. As we’ve discovered in recent years, a limited edition influencer kit is usually the best way to do that.

Recently we were approached by Coty to create a unique mailer for a newly developed Rimmel lipstick range. The brief specified a black acrylic case with a sliding lid that would store up to 12 of the lipsticks from the new range. We were asked to manufacture 680 of these mailers, which would then be sent out to a select range of beauty influencers in advance of the launch.

The project outcome

The finished case is constructed from black Perspex and features matt red branding. The lid – a piece of flat, glossy Perspex – is held in place with hidden magnets, but slides out easily to reveal the pack’s desirable contents. Inside sits a row of Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Extreme Lipsticks, nestling on a sponge foam base. The lipsticks can be slipped out one by one using the black ribbon attachment which runs along the base.

In creating this kit we had to overcome two hurdles: making the case appropriate for different markets, and ensuring an immaculate finish on the Perspex. As some markets were only releasing eight to 10 lipsticks (rather than the full 12) we had to design a foam spacer that would fill up the vacant space. The second problem we solved by supplying packers with cotton gloves, allowing them to polish each case and package it free of grease and dirt.