A new brand for GPA Global

Eco-friendly materials

GPA Global started life as Green Packaging Asia, and has maintained the same commitment to utilizing eco-friendly materials.

Sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, GreenBlister® and more

For the GPA team, being eco-friendly starts with the materials we use. We utilize a number of innovative products that, in our professional opinion, will come to replace existing materials. For instance, we expect injection-molded pulp materials will replace plastic thermoform across a variety of applications.

Other eco-friendly materials include sugarcane bagasse (a by-product of sugarcane waste), papers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and bamboo. In addition we’ve developed our own revolutionary material: GreenBlister, a trapped blister package made from recycled (and recyclable) paperboard and plastic.

Our process

Here’s how the GPA team delivers our smart and inventive display and packaging solutions.

  • 01

    Concept to design

    Meet with client to define and discuss needs, and fill out project detail form.

  • 02


    Design package PDQ, pallet, and display configurations if needed. Provide renderings and layout proposals.

  • 03


    All products are manufactured in-house utilizing our full range of materials and equipment.

  • 04


    Work closely with client to understand likes and dislikes. Design team revises renderings until perfect.

  • 05


    Provide production grade prototypes and additional visual aides for promotions and trade shows if needed.

  • 06


    Massive space and labor capabilities in our Chinese and North American premises, ready to go when you are.