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Midleton Very Rare

About the Project

Each year, Midleton Very Rare (MVR) releases a highly anticipated vintage whiskey, cherished by collectors worldwide. Pernod Ricard sought to create a packaging solution that not only matched the impact and innovation of previous wooden boxes but also aligned with their commitment to sustainability. The challenge was to reimagine the iconic packaging using materials that adhered to the latest Pernod Ricard S&R guidelines, without compromising on luxury or customer experience.

The Project Outcome

The true challenge lay in replicating the structure of the wooden box using paper-based materials while preserving the luxurious aesthetic and intricate details that have made the packaging synonymous with excellence. Meticulous craftsmanship resulted in a design that mirrored the wooden box’s structure. Sustainability was achieved through paper-based materials, including pulp fitments and recycled board, meeting Pernod Ricard S&R guidelines. The artwork featured the iconic Celtic pattern with copper foil accents. The redesigned packaging reduced fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions by around 50% and 55% respectively, while cutting water usage by up to 40%. The materials were 100% recyclable and FSC-certified, setting a new benchmark for sustainable luxury packaging.