A new brand for GPA Global

Electronic packaging

At GPA Global we design, test and manufacture sophisticated and highly functional retail packaging for a range of electronic products.

Practical, modern and informative packaging solutions

Our team has a long and successful track record of working with brands within the electronics sector. We design and manufacture packs that are durable, functional and informative, and carry out extensive tests to ensure the safety of the product during transit. We also work directly with our clients’ OEM suppliers to ensure consistency and efficiency.

One of our clients within this sector is Bose, a global electronics brand that has benefited from GPA’s model of working closely with OEM suppliers. We have helped Bose to define packaging standards and material specifications, reduce supply chain interruptions, and mitigate key risks such as spikes in material costs and currency fluctuations.  

Our process

Here’s how the GPA team delivers our smart and inventive display and packaging solutions.

  • 01

    Concept to design

    Meet with client to define and discuss needs, and fill out project detail form.

  • 02


    Design package PDQ, pallet, and display configurations if needed. Provide renderings and layout proposals.

  • 03


    All products are manufactured in-house utilizing our full range of materials and equipment.

  • 04


    Work closely with client to understand likes and dislikes. Design team revises renderings until perfect.

  • 05


    Provide production grade prototypes and additional visual aides for promotions and trade shows if needed.

  • 06


    Massive space and labor capabilities in our Chinese and North American premises, ready to go when you are.