Manufacturing Materials

Variety has always been at the core of our packaging solutions – starting with the materials that we use. From board to wood, leather to metal, we offer some of the most versatile packaging on the market.

Channeling Variety

After decades of experience, we have team of specialists who have honed their craft to near perfection.

Amongst our ranks we have a team of artisans, master craftsmen, and material engineers who blend sustainability, reliability, and aesthetic focus across a range of designs, utilizing a myriad of substrates.



If you, like us, view sustainability as mission-critical, we can help. We were founded on sustainable principles and have a wealth of experience working with renewable and recyclable materials.


The Full Package

Our process has always been about covering every angle. From start to finish, we’ve refined a process that makes client-centricity a priority at every turn. Our expert team of designers, craftsmen, engineers, and logistical team will handle every stage of the journey, ensuring your product gets the packaging it deserves.

We work with industry-leading clients to create award-winning, sustainable packaging solutions and we’d love to hear from you…