Their Communities

Wherever you are in the world, community matters. At GPA, that’s no exception. Whether in our own backyard or across the globe, reaching out to people has always been high on our agenda.

Working Together

We’ve embarked on a number of community initiatives over the years. From projects with international charities to our work with NGOs – supporting communities, wherever they are in the world will always be part of what makes GPA tick. 

Captivating International: Asia Greenhouse Project

Since 2015 our work with Captivating International has meant 575 families in the Qinghai province, China, have been given greenhouses. Growing fresh produce is a lifeline in the region, and now over 1000 residence are now reaping the rewards.

The Asia Greenhouse Project has allowed these families to live better and more financially secure lives. In addition to receiving a greenhouse, families are trained on how to grow their organic produce for the market. We continue to fund 50% of the project, matching donations to ensure that as many families can benefit from the initiative. And beyond that, the Greenhouse Project is just a fantastic way of bringing communities and families together.

Captivating International: Santa Run

We’re proud sponsors of Captivating International’s annual fundraiser, The Santa Run. This event provides a lifeline to the people who need it most.

In 2018 China-based charity Captivating International and GPA, organised our very first Santa Run. Over 150 runners race through the streets of Shenzhen to raise money for underprivileged children and families in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan.


Sunshine Academy’s Benefit Fair

We’ve been sponsoring Sunshine Academy’s efforts to provide opportunities for orphaned children living in government-run welfare centres.

Sunshine Academy is a Chinese NGO, that we have been working with since 2014 – sponsoring and participating in their annual Benefit Fair.

The money raised provides opportunities for orphaned children living in government-run social welfare centres. The funds help to educate, socialize and nurture these vulnerable children – to ensure they go on to have fulfilled and productive lives.

GPA Cares: Pigs for Poverty

Captivating International: Pigs for Poverty

In 2019, Captivating International’s tireless work saw them establish Pigs for Poverty: a project that has played a vital role in helping families – particularly single mothers – establish pig farms throughout the Qinghai province, China.

We became involved in the program from the start. And since it started, over 200 families have benefited – not only gaining resources but also the skillsets needed to rear the animals efficiently and sell them.



Hub's Giving Back

Benevolence has always been a central tenet of our US-based team Hub Folding box. Through several different avenues, from annual company fundraising picnics to setting aside a significant charity budget each year, Hub has made it their mission to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Not wanting to sell their altruism short, Hub makes substantial donations to a long list of different charitable organizations and outreach programs. From aiding girls in Ethiopia to working with underprivileged children in Boston, Hub’s list of donees are agents for real change across the globe.

They are proud supporters of the organizations listed below:

  • Ethiopia’s Daughters
  • Big Brother/Big Sister of Boston
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Germantown Food Pantry, Quincy, Massachusetts
  • Billy Burchard Foundation for Cancer Research
  • Friends of The MGH Cancer Center Fund
  • The Boston Brain Tumor Ride
  • Passion for Fashion Supporting Breast Cancer
  • St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
  • The Women’s Center
  • Hand in Hand in Haiti
  • Mansfield Police Department
  • Volunteer Firefighters
  • Bay State Veterans
  • Italian Home for the Children
  • Boston Marathon
  • Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society
  • United in their Honor (Non-profit organization for Wounded Warriors)



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