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The Glenlivet Spectra

The Glenlivet Spectra by GPA Luxury

In this cutting edge whisky pack, a QR code replaces text to give the consumer a unique twist on the traditional tasting experience.

The Glenlivet Spectra by GPA Luxury

About the project

The Glenlivet is a world-renowned, centuries-old whisky distillery celebrated for its smooth and fruity single malts and premium aged releases. Recently, the brand moved away from its traditional roots to launch Spectra, a digitally enhanced product comprised of three mystery malts held in an innovative pack.


The talented team at JDO Brand Design & Innovation dreamt up the design brief for this pack, which has a geometric structure and uses a QR code in place of tasting notes. With such an exciting brief to work from, the GPA Global team was delighted to come on board for development and manufacturing.

The project outcome

This pack is comprised of three separate prism compartments, which are hinged together and fold into a trapezoid shape. Each compartment is topped with a triangular lid, holds a different bottle of Spectra, and bears a unique panel printed with embellishments that nod to the flavor profile of the whisky within. By moving each compartment in turn, the consumer can reveal the three different panels on the flat side of the pack.

We wrapped the pack in black, soft-touch paper, and embellished with holographic foils, metallic inks, blind embossing and spot UV. We then added the most important detail: a QR code. Once scanned this code directs the consumer to a unique, multi-sensory digital experience, where they can learn the tasting notes and background of these mystery malts. It’s an experience that truly pushes the boundaries of traditional whisky tasting.