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Sugarpill 10th Anniversary Collection

Sugarpill packaging by GPA

This fun pink “pill capsule” container features soft touch film, gold foils, and an inner fitment to hold an exclusive makeup collection.

Sugarpill packaging by GPA
Cosmetics packaging for Sugarpill by GPA
Sugarpill 10th Anniversary Collection

About the project

Sugarpill is a cosmetics brand that was founded by Amy Doan in 2010. Along with its bold pigments and quirky aesthetic, the brand is also celebrated for its cruelty-free and largely vegan product range. In advance of the brand’s 10th anniversary in 2020, Sugarpill approached GPA Global to request a special makeup container.

The brief was for a reusable clamshell box in the shape of a medicinal capsule – one of the recurring motifs of the Sugarpill brand. Inside would be an array of the brand’s products: loose eyeshadows, liquid lip colors, lip glosses, and a signature eyeshadow palette designed specially to celebrate their 10 years in the industry.

The project outcome

The finished pack has a rigid greyboard structure, measuring 18.25 x 8 x 2 inches, with a concealed paper hinge. We wrapped the exterior in pink paper, which we coated with soft touch film and embellished with foils and spot UV. The lid is held shut with concealed magnets, and lifts smoothly open using a small ribbon attachment on the front.

Inside, the Sugarpill products nestle snugly in an EVA fitment topped with turquoise card. As with the exterior, we coated the card with soft touch film and embellished it with spot UV and foils – in this case to border the makeup recesses, and mark out the lettering for the product names. The end result is a fun and colorful pack with lasting value as a makeup container.