Le Bijou Copper Key Fob Gift Set

About the project

Le Bijou is a Swiss hotel chain that offers a unique twist on the standard hotel model. All of their establishments are modern luxury apartments, which combine the round-the-clock service of a hotel with the privacy and comfort of a self-catered space. Recently, the GPA Global team worked with the brand to create the contents and premium packaging for a unique gift set.

Our task was to produce a numbered key chain fob in solid copper and present it within a luxury gift box. The client was keen for the fob and its packaging to convey the spirit of the brand – uncomplicated luxury – and to complement Le Bijou’s existing stationery. This meant our team had to work doubly hard to craft the perfect brief and bring it to life.

Le Bijou Copper Key Fob Gift Set - Packaging

The project outcome

This project began with the manufacture of the fob, a sleek copper square with rounded corners. We added the Le Bijou branding to the front and individually numbered the reverse. We also laser-etched a QR code onto the back of each fob – this will link the user to an app the hotel is in the process of creating. The next step was to craft the elegant packaging: a white box that opens to reveal a black fitment holding a complimentary bottle of champagne and a handwritten message from Le Bijou’s CEO.

The larger pack also contains a smaller white box, which splits in half to reveal the fob and two copper keychain attachments, all of which nestle in black fitments. The white paper that we used to wrap the boxes was embellished with gravure emboss to create a subtle textural effect. We also added the Le Bijou branding in copper foil, and a black ribbon attachment to lift open the exterior case. The client deemed this a great success and is poised to expand production in the future.

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