Absolut Vodka

About the project

Absolut is one of the biggest players in the spirits industry. Known for its clean, crisp tasting vodka and distinctive bottle, which was inspired by an 18th-century Swedish medicine bottle, they’re a brand that warrants the best packaging.

A recent project saw the launch of limited-edition, premium paper bags illustrated with artwork relating to one of seven cities: Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Brisbane, Auckland, and Dubai.

Absolut invited illustrators from around the globe to submit designs based on the city of their choice. The winning designs were then printed onto the bags, which were sold in the respective city – wrapped around a bottle of Absolut, of course. Initially, just seven bag designs were selected, but now a total of 37 have been released, with many celebrating annual events such as Chinese New Year.

The project outcome

The GPA team manufactured a range of sturdy yet flexible paper bags working from designs by Alexandra Wong, Mauro Martins and Daniel Barbosa – to name a few. Each printed bag is held closed at the neck with a silicone bracelet, which is designed to be worn on the wrist as a unique memento once the pack has been opened.

Because these bags can be produced quickly and at a low cost, they’re the perfect medium for special events in cities around the world. They also allow the Absolut team to celebrate special occasions without the need to incur bottle manufacturing or label printing costs.


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