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Boann Distillery

Our work with Boann Distillery is living proof that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

Like most of our clients, Boann Distillery requires high-quality packaging—the kind that can catch the consumer’s eye in mere seconds. So, how is it possible to make such luxury packaging sustainable?

The answer is twofold: our ability to re-engineer luxury packs to be more sustainable and produce packaging close to our clients.

With 38 manufacturing sites across three continents (and counting), we were able to provide Boann Distillery with nearshore & offshore production.

As a result, we’ve helped Boann:

  • Maintain (if not elevate) their standard of luxury.
  • Reduce associated supply chain emissions.

As consumers continue to demand sustainable practices, we deeply understand your need to reduce supply chain emissions (as 80% of your total emissions come from your supply chain).

As you can see, reducing emissions and prioritizing sustainability don’t have to come at the expense of the packaging itself. Let’s find a way to optimize your supply chain, prioritize sustainability, and free up resources to innovate and explore new designs along the way.

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