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About the project

Presented in a sumptuous box, the Belle Jeanne decanter (in reference to Jeanne Coutanseaux, the sister of founder, Joachim Coutanseaux, and a central figure in the history of the House) is a sensation. Designed as a display object, but also as a transport box, this high-end envelope, symbol of excellence and influence of French luxury, highlights this 5-liter bottle.


The projet outcome

The 100% recycled and recyclable grey board construction, covered with white FSC-certified paper, combines luxury and eco-responsibility. The commitment is also social, as the factory is run entirely by women; also as a new tribute to Jeanne. The paper’s immaculate appearance refers to purity of the eaux-de-vie selected, while the golden hoops recall the hoops of the barrels. Upon opening, the sense of surprise continues with the revelation of a golden interior shimmering with radiant reflections, enveloping La Belle Jeanne like a luminous halo.

Tin / Metal
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