Glendalough’s Mizunara 7-Year Single Malt Whiskey

About the Project

GPA Global, in collaboration with Here Design, had the privilege of crafting the exceptional packaging for Glendalough’s Mizunara 7-Year Single Malt Whiskey. Mark Anthony, the esteemed client, approached us with a unique request for a premium rigid box that would embody the essence of this vibrant and delicate whiskey.

With a keen understanding of their vision and a commitment to delivering on time, we embarked on an inspiring journey of collaboration and creativity.

The Project Outcome

We successfully translated Glendalough’s vision into a remarkable packaging solution for their Mizunara 7-Year Single Malt Whiskey.

Using core-dyed PMS matched textured paper in an elegant shade of grey, and luxurious smooth uncoated paper in a rich red for the lid lining, we created a visually striking box. The design accommodated both the 700ml and 750ml versions, with an internal red spacer ensuring a secure fit for the 700ml bottle.

The application of hot foiling techniques with gold, red, and black foils added an opulent touch, while the premium textured paper and embossed, hot foiled Saint Kevin of Glendalough logo on the lid label further elevated the packaging’s presentation.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, all packaging elements, including the box, tissue paper, and labels, were 100% recyclable. The fully branded and reusable shipper cases minimized waste, exemplifying our dedication to sustainable solutions.

In summary, GPA Global and Here Design’s collaboration delivered an exquisite packaging solution that authentically represents Glendalough’s Mizunara 7-Year Single Malt Whiskey. Our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and sustainability culminated in a captivating whiskey experience for discerning consumers.

Rigid Box / Set Top Box
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