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Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel

About the project

Jacob’s Creek is a globally celebrated Australian wine brand known for its varied and affordable range. Their Double Barrel range is crafted from superior quality grapes and matured in traditional wine barrels, before being finished in aged whisky barrels. This premium range features labels bearing a unique illustration of two barrels.

In preparation for Father’s Day, Pernod Ricard – the parent company for Jacob’s Creek – contacted our team to request some premium single bottle cartons for their Double Barrel Shiraz and Chardonnay. The finished packs were sold in supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, making the perfectly priced gift for Father’s Day.

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel - Wine Carton Packaging

The project outcome

Our team manufactured two premium single bottle cartons for the Double Barrel Shiraz and the Chardonnay, drawing on the same structure and general theme for both. The main challenge was to replicate the fine details on the bottle label – in particular the barrel illustration – and to craft a box in keeping with the premium but accessible nature of the wine.

The cartons were crafted from super smooth, high-grade CrownBoard Prestige, and color-matched to the bottles. To achieve the high-quality embellishments, we applied metallic Pantone and used foil blocking and reverse emboss. In addition to the single bottle cartons, we also manufactured a full-color outer transit case for shipping, continuing the same brand colours and identity.

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel - Wine Carton Packaging

“Barrie and the team at GPA were great helping us create bespoke Father’s Day giftboxes for 2 of our Jacob’s Creek wines.

Barrie’s clear knowledge of all things print and his attention to detail made working through this project that much more straight forward. With constant communications from GPA throughout the process, nothing was left to chance.

The end result… bespoke giftboxes for Jacob’s Creek in a main UK grocery retailer for Father’s Day 2021 – the perfect gift!”

Andrew Dixon, Pernod Ricard

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