Jameson Family Pack

About the project

Our subsidiary company, Lucas Luxury, teamed up with Pond Design to redefine the Jameson packaging portfolio and attract new consumer groups to the already popular Irish whiskey brand. One of the key concerns modern consumers have is about the sustainability credentials of the companies they buy from.

This family pack was designed to hold four 50 ml miniatures of Jameson’s most popular whiskies: Caskmates, Black Barrel, Crested, and their standard Irish Whiskey. Aside from holding the bottles securely and displaying their labels clearly, there was one key goal: to make the pack environmentally friendly.

The project outcome

The finished pack was constructed from three eco-friendly materials: rigid greyboard, kraft paper, and one-color soy ink. Greyboard is made from 100% recycled material, while kraft paper is unbleached, easy to recycle, and biodegradable. Using soy ink, meanwhile, makes it easier to recycle the paper it is printed on.

We constructed the rectangular frame for the pack out of greyboard, then wrapped it in kraft paper. Each bottle sits in its own shallow recess, with the top held in a fitment in the lid of the pack. To access them, simply unclip the lid and lift it open. The final flourish is old brass-plated metal buttons on the sides, holding the lid closed.

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