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KITH x Estée Lauder Generational Beauty Kit

About the project

In 2019, Estée Lauder teamed up with fashion label Kith to create a custom-made skincare set housed in chic packaging. Now, the brands have teamed up once again to create another prized, limited edition collection: a makeup kit inspired by Estée Lauder’s original packaging and contained in a sleek Kith-branded acrylic case that doubles as a clutch.

The GPA team has worked with both brands in the past, so we were delighted to collaborate with them once again to manufacture the dual-purpose container for this project. The finished case (and its desirable contents) was created in time for International Women’s Day and was sold exclusively at the Kith and Estée Lauder counter inside Selfridges London.

The project outcome

The structure of this pack is a simple hinged case, constructed from acrylic panels. We printed onto these panels in translucent white. To ensure full coverage, we angle-jointed the acrylic panels at 45%, eliminating any joins, gaps, or ridges. Ultimately we were able to achieve a perfect, uninterrupted pattern across the case, which means you won’t find an unfinished logo anywhere!

Further external features include the electroplated metal clasp, which is held shut via hidden magnets. Inside, the case contains a white EVA fitment that holds the gold-encased makeup items. Because the pack is designed to double-up as a clutch when the makeup collection is removed, we also made sure to weigh the base down. This means that it can remain upright when opened, even with the makeup and fitment removed.

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