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Ladyburn Whisky 1966 Edition One

About the project

Any whisky connoisseur worth their salt will know that many of the most in-demand single malts of recent years have come from so-called “ghost” distilleries – those which closed their doors years ago, but live on through remaining stock. Ladyburn is no exception to that rule.

Opened in Girvan by William Grant & Sons in 1966, Ladyburn only operated for nine years before it was completely dismantled. The very few Casks remaining when the distillery closed in 1975 were left to mature on site at Girvan, on the West Coast of Scotland, and in 2021 Malt Master Brian Kinsman selected a single exceptional cask to be released as Ladyburn 1966 Edition One Collection.

Inspired by the period of cultural change in the 1960s London, this special whisky comes housed in hand numbered bottles, bearing one of 11 rarely seen images taken by pioneering photographer David Bailey. The whisky itself has been aged for 54 years in single sherry butts, and swirls with the flavours of dried fruit, spice and oak.

Ladyburn 1966 Edition One Limited Edition Whiskey

The project outcome

To do justice to this special whisky and its must-have bottle, William Grant approached our team to request a bespoke white presentation case. Inspired by the sleek lines of classic 60s design and created with the same rigour as a piece of handcrafted furniture, this wooden case transcends the norms to reach new heights of luxury.

The pack is composed of an FSC-certified subframe, spray-finished in alabaster-textured, UV-resistant paint and screen-printed with subtle text. Additional features include Brusso hinges and hidden magnets which keep the door securely closed.

Inside, the whisky is held in a leather-lined fitment, and easily released with a leather pull tab. The door holds a leather panel, debossed with text that tells the story behind this exceptional release. By pulling on a discreet tab, the user can lift the panel to reveal a concealed leather folio, which has been beautifully debossed and fitted with printed sheets detailing the story the Ladyburn distillery and offering further information on the artistic collaboration and the selected photographs.

Ladyburn 1966 Edition One Limited Edition Whiskey


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