About the project

The project in question was a relaunch of Opland, a premium aquavit range designed to compete with cognac and single malt whiskies overseas. Opland recently celebrated its 150th birthday and has for many years been the favored aquavit brand for Norwegians. The relaunch incorporates three exciting new bottlings: two varieties of Edel, and one variety of the premium Single Cask. The Edel varieties were matured in either port or Madeira casks after spending four years in sherry oak casks; the Single Cask is a limited release of just 400 bottles.

With some fantastic designs in place from our collaborators at Stranger & Stranger, we set about producing three exciting luxury packs to showcase this exciting range. For all three packs, we utilized the same construction: a wrapped rigid board body with a tin lid and carton inner fitment. By using a radius edge rigid structure we were able to create a softer feel to the exterior of the pack; the rounded edges align perfectly with the lines of the tin lid.


The project outcome

To differentiate between the Edel and the Single Cask we utilized different wrappings and embellishments. For the Edel we wrapped the packs in white paper embellished with the Opland branding; to differentiate between the port and Madeira varieties, we added either a red or a green front label bearing the signature of Ivan Abrahamsen, product developer at Arcus. The Edel packs feature gold-colored lids with white paper inserts and a board base tray fitment wrapped in metallic paper.

For the Single Cask, we wrapped the pack in grey paper embossed with a subtle wood effect. Rose gold detailing was added in the form of a colored badge detail on the front of the pack, a copper-colored lid (with a paper insert color-matched to the wood effect wrapping), and further embellishments on the sides and top. The board base tray fitment in this pack is also wrapped in metallic paper. We are delighted with the finished result, which offers a fresh new take on the classic Opland look.

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