Rain Cloud All-In-One CBD Pen

About the project

RAIN is a London-based wellness start-up that specializes in products containing CBD – an extract derived from the hemp plant that can alleviate stress, anxiety and inflammation. The company’s first product is the RAIN CLOUD, a citrus-flavored CBD pen containing 40% broad-spectrum CBD. Unlike other vape products, the RAIN CLOUD is free from harmful chemicals such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Recently, RAIN got in touch with GPA Global to ask our team to manufacture the packaging for their signature CBD pen. The brief was for a fully recyclable tray that would safely store the pen, allow for easy removal, and feature key information about the product – all within a strict budget. We’re pleased to say that the process went smoothly from start to finish, and that the resulting pack ticked every box for the client.

Rain Cloud Botanical Mist Pen - Cannabis Packaging

The project outcome

Our pack for the RAIN CLOUD CBD pen is comprised of a simple yet elegant slide-out tray held within a slim rectangular sleeve. We selected a subtly textured material in a soft gray shade, and added line-work and descriptive text in pale inks, ensuring that every element was fully recyclable.

The most difficult aspect of the build was facilitating the smooth removal of the tray. Initially, the brief called for a ribbon attachment that would allow the tray to be pulled out. Ultimately – after a positive consultation with the client – we opted for a simple “push hole” on one side instead.

Rain Cloud Botanical Mist Pen - Cannabis Packaging

Rigid Box / Set Top Box

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