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Rituals Cosmetics – The Ritual of Karma

About the project

Rituals is a skincare and beauty brand inspired by the wisdom and traditions of ancient Asian cultures. With its “luxurious yet affordable” ethos, Rituals has become one of the most popular beauty brands on the globe. The company’s unique selling point is its Collections – groups of products inspired by different skincare and beauty rituals from the Asian continent.

Rituals Cosmetics - The Ritual of Karma - Beauty Packaging

The project outcome

The pack has a book-like structure, with a simple integrated hinge that allows the lid to be smoothly folded back. A key feature of the exterior is the teal paper wrapping. The paper – Marrs Green – is manufactured by G.F. Smith and was developed in 2017 after a competition to find the world’s favourite colour.

The Rituals team felt that this green-blue shade, which was inspired by a Scottish river, was perfect for the project: rich, inviting and evocative of the natural world. With such beautiful paper to work with, only one further detail was required for the exterior: gold foil wording which describes The Ritual of Karma ethos.

Though the exterior is beautiful, it’s upon lifting the lid that the real wonders of this limited edition pack are revealed. We fitted the case with a hidden sound chip that is activated upon opening, and begins to play sea sounds. In addition the fitment that holds the bottled invite was printed with a beautiful seascape. The image used for this fitment was specifically selected by the GPA team after the Rituals team struggled to find the right design.

The finishing touch is the gold foil wording on the inside of the flap, which invites the recipient to open up the bottle and learn the details of the exclusive Ibiza launch party.

Rituals Cosmetics - The Ritual of Karma - Beauty Packaging

Tin / Metal

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