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About the Project

Therabody, a leading brand in the wellness industry, partnered with GPA to undergo a packaging transformation journey that prioritized sustainability and enhanced the unboxing experience. The project aimed to develop a packaging solution that embodied Therabody’s brand values while significantly reducing the environmental impact. The project faced key challenges, including striking a balance between quality and sustainability, reducing packaging size and weight without compromising product safety, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel usage, and water consumption.

The Project Outcome

Through meticulous redesign and optimization, the Therabody packaging transformation project achieved remarkable outcomes that aligned with the brand’s values and sustainability goals. The project’s results were:

  • Packaging Size and Shipping Distance: The packaging redesign successfully reduced packaging size by 52%, leading to a substantial 50% decrease in shipping distance. This achievement translated into significant environmental benefits, saving over one million nautical miles.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The project’s sustainable packaging approach resulted in a remarkable 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction equates to safeguarding 1,450 acres of forest annually, emphasizing Therabody’s commitment to environmental preservation.
  • Fossil Fuel Usage: By optimizing packaging materials and design, the project achieved a nearly 50% reduction in fossil fuel usage. This reduction is equivalent to the energy required to power 2,230 homes for an entire year, showcasing the project’s positive impact on energy conservation.
  • Water Consumption: The redesigned packaging achieved a substantial 57% reduction in water consumption. This reduction is equivalent to conserving 108 Olympic swimming pools, highlighting Therabody’s commitment to water conservation.
  • Unboxing Experience: The project successfully delivered an exceptional unboxing experience that resonated with Therabody’s customers while maintaining the brand’s high-quality standards. The packaging solution not only embraced sustainability but also created a lasting impression, fostering brand loyalty.

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