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Tierra Noble Exquisito

About the project

At 7,2000 feet Tierra Noble has the highest distillery in the world. The special agaves that go into this celebrated tequila are grown in the mountains of the Sierra del Tigre, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. The result is a uniquely rich and aromatic flavor profile, which is further heightened by a slow distillation process and maturation in French and American oak barrels.

In recent years the Tierra Noble distillery has enhanced its branding and packaging to better reflect its artisanal approach. They contacted our Mexican team to request new packaging for their Exquisito Extra AƱejo tequila that would not only highlight the beautiful details of the bottle, creating an eye-catching display on the shelf but offer an enhanced experience for the end-user.

The project outcome

Our finished pack for Tierra Noble has a six-sided structure and opens on one side to showcase the bottle. The exterior is wrapped in blue matte paper, which has been embellished with a combination of gloss varnish and gold hot foil highlights. The designs featured here are taken directly from the bottle and its label, creating visual continuity between the exterior and the interior.

When the user is ready for their first taste, they can slide the pack smoothly open using the gold ribbon attachment, revealing an interior podium which holds and displays the Exquisito in all its glory. Here we added a velvet-coated thermoformed bottle insert, which is designed to hold the bottle securely during transit and keep it steady when the case is standing open.



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