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Consumer Product Packaging

From startups to global brands, we provide cost-effective packaging for all forms of consumer and retail products. Whether it’s for consumer packaged goods (CPG) or for high-volume fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) – quality, sustainability and cost are important components of all our solutions.

Whatever your industry, whatever the product – GPA Global is your total solutions partner when it comes to consumer and retail packaging. If you need sustainably sourced materials, intricately designed packaging, a regional supply chain (or all of the above), our team of experts have the perfect fit for your product.

Consumer and Retail Product Packaging Solutions

As a company, we’ve always prided ourselves on our agility, our ability to adapt. But more importantly, our ability to listen. We’re not about making you work our way, we’re about working for you, around you – and everything in between.

On crowded store shelves, consumers make quick shopping decisions based on elements like branding and packaging design. Send the right message and give your product sales a boost with a professional packaging or display solution from GPA Global.

We cover everything from the critical concept design through to manufacturing, assembly and distribution. We run a clean operation, utilising the most suitable materials and processes to ensure a superior consumer packaging product. Best of all, we’re fast and efficient.

We design and manufacture customer-facing solutions like beverage packaging, folding boxes, in-store displays, point-of-purchase displays and more – to help promote your product and brand. No matter what industry or market segment, our experience in consumer goods packing, we have the right solution for you.


The Full Package

Our process has always been about covering every angle. From start to finish, we’ve refined a process that makes client-centricity a priority at every turn. Our expert team of designers, craftsmen, engineers, and the logistical team will handle every stage of the journey, ensuring your product gets the packaging it deserves.

If you, like us, view sustainability as mission-critical, we can help. We were founded on sustainable principles and have a wealth of experience working with renewable and recyclable materials.

In need of a packaging solution that covers you from design to delivery?

We’ve got you covered