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At-home medical tests

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge new demand for reliable at-home medical tests – and in particular, for saliva and blood collection kits. In response, the GPA Global team has begun offering a range of cutting-edge and cost-effective bio-sample collection devices. Our turnkey solutions can be designed, produced and distributed from the United States, Malaysia and China, ensuring efficient and speedy fulfillment no matter where your company is based. 

We engineer our collection devices using sophisticated injection-molding technology, and prepare them for consumer use with advanced sterilization techniques and rigorous quality assurance. We also design and produce all packaging materials and documentation, and cover kit assembly and fulfillment around the world. Our collection devices are ISO13485 and FDA-approved, and come with unique serialization to ensure chain of custody. 

Case Study

We are currently working with one of the leading providers of genealogy mapping to produce saliva collection kits for their home DNA tests. To suit the precise needs of this client, we have designed and manufactured our own injection-molded saliva collection device, along with the stabilization fluid it contains.  

We have also produced the additional components of the kit, including a bio bag, absorbent pad, instructions, and return mailer box and label, as well as a winged kit box to contain the entire test and its documentation. Other projects we are currently working on include COVID saliva test kits and blood plasma collection kits. 

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We’re able to use our advanced injection-molding capabilities to manufacture a wide range of home tests, including saliva drug test kits, at-home rapid COVID test kits, and blood collection kits.


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