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Home Entertainment Packaging

As the technology surrounding home entertainment improves, we can expect to see this huge global sector go from strength to strength. For companies working within home entertainment, perfect packaging is the way to help your product catch the consumer’s eye and beat out your competitors.

At GPA, we have years of experience designing, developing, testing, manufacturing and distributing stylish, functional and durable packs for a variety of home entertainment products. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, and London, we are positioned to bring the world’s entertainment hubs together for a real multi-packaging solution.

Custom Packaging Solutions for Home Entertainment Products

GPA Global designs and manufactures high-end packaging for the music, movie and video game industries. From collector’s editions to retail-exclusive packaging, GPA is a global leader.

We’ve been providing turnkey packaging solutions for home entertainment releases across the globe since 2007. From concept design through to sampling, testing, manufacturing and distribution, GPA Global delivers the full package.

From simple box sets for launching your latest media product, to elaborate special edition releases with collectable bonus materials. GPA Global has created complete packaging solutions across a variety of entertainment mediums.

Our packaging specialists work closely with each client to create bespoke and eye-catching packaging that ties in with the relevant product release. Whether it’s recognisable elements from your favourite series, movie or video game, we work hard to bring each idea to life.

CDs, vinyl, DVDs, Blu-rays – no matter the type of media or industry, we cover all aspects of home entertainment packaging. We’ve crafted customised, commemorative (and highly collectable) packaging sets for recognisable intellectual properties such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Guns ‘N Roses.

Help your product stand out from the crowd and become a coveted collectable with our eye-catching, custom-made home entertainment packaging solutions.


You’re in good hands

Here at GPA, ensuring we’re a team that offers you flexibility, reliability, and demonstrable results is what we do. We’re a team who listens, at every stage of the process, adapting at every turn to offer you a packaging solution that works for you.



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