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5 Reasons to Find a Total Packaging Solution

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of finding a total solution to their packaging needs

More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of finding a total solution to their packaging needs. There are hundreds of big printers or big plastic forming companies in existence today, yet so many of those service providers are only experts at one specific part of the packaging process. However, today’s premium packaging uses mixed materials, and trends are constantly changing, so it’s important to ensure that your packaging is refreshed to keep things looking new on the shelves.

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Why Work with a Total Solution Packaging Company?

When you need to create product packaging, there is the option to work with multiple vendors or choose one company that does it all. A total solution packaging company, like GPA Global, can handle concept design, sampling, engineering, testing, color management, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.

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Other benefits include:

Improved Communication: Lots of moving parts in your packaging process means you are likely to be in touch with a number of packaging vendors. Miscommunication is common when you have a multi-step process between different companies. Choosing a company that does it all helps to streamline the process and eliminates the chances of something getting lost along the way. In addition, it ensures consistency in your packaging, which means continuity in your brand’s messaging. You don’t have room for error!

Streamlined Timeline: When you let one company handle the entirety of your project, you’ll be able to agree upon a timeline upfront. You won’t feel stressed about meeting a deadline.
Better Budget Control: A total solution packaging company will present you with various options to meet your budget. You won’t need to worry about unexpected costs from various vendors.

Increased Resources: If you are working with only material suppliers they are going to get designs that work on ONLY the machines they have purchased. When you work with a company who can manage every step of the process, you’ll get the quality of packaging you want at the best price possible.

Long-Lasting Relationship: When beginning a new project, you’ll free up that time you used to spend calling dozens of packaging vendors, doing research and qualifying every single one of them. Working with a trusted partner that does it all from A-to-Z, means you only need to contact one company. Our approach means we work hard to keep our customers satisfied, so they don’t have to go anywhere else.

If you are interested in finding a total solution to your packaging needs, contact GPA Global today!


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