The Era of Intelligent Packaging

Innovation has a knack for turning industries upside down, introducing ground-breaking discoveries that redefine what’s possible. That’s exactly what happened when conductive ink and smart packaging collided, igniting a spark of ingenuity that is redefining the way we think about packaging.


Smart packaging emerged from a fusion of minds driven by a shared vision to unlock the hidden potential of packaging. This magical moment saw the convergence of material science and electronics, shattering conventional thinking and bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.


Conductive ink is the secret sauce here—a special ink infused with conductive materials like silver or carbon. When applied to packaging, it creates a network of conductive pathways, transforming the packaging into a platform of interactivity.


Thanks to conductive ink, packaging can now become a smart conduit between brands and consumers. These conductive pathways enable seamless communication between the physical and digital realms, making it possible to integrate sensors, touch-sensitive elements, and data transmission capabilities. The marriage of materials science and electronics has unlocked a world of possibilities for packaging innovation.



Now, let’s introduce the star of the show—Smart Shelf technology, brought to you by GPA Global’s exclusive partnership with Touchcode, the pioneers of this cutting-edge solution. By leveraging conductive ink as a catalyst, Smart Shelf takes packaging to a whole new level of interactivity and intelligence. By embedding sensors and conductive ink into pallets and packaging materials, we unlock a myriad of capabilities that revolutionize inventory management, enhance customer engagement, and enable seamless product tracking.


Let’s dive into the exciting ways Smart Shelf technology is transforming the game:


Revolutionizing Inventory Management:

Smart Shelf technology allows businesses to give their inventory management practices a much-needed makeover. Imagine having state-of-the-art sensors embedded within shelves that track and report irregular pick rates and product movements in real-time. This means instant alerts for store security teams, keeping merchandise safe and thwarting potential theft. But that’s not all—Smart Shelf also enables live counting, monitoring pack location, and providing detailed reports on product movements and counts. This level of data granularity empowers businesses to optimize their inventory management strategies with surgical precision, minimizing stockouts and shrinkage while maximizing profitability.


Elevating Customer Engagement:

Conductive ink integrated into our packaging opens the door to captivating retail experiences for customers. With a simple touch on their smartphones or tablets, customers can unlock a world of product information, engaging videos, and a treasure trove of digital marketing materials. This immersive experience not only enhances customer satisfaction but also provides brands with a powerful platform to showcase their offerings and build stronger brand loyalty.



Ensuring Product Authentication and Security:

By integrating conductive ink into packaging, businesses gain robust solutions for product authentication and security. Smart Shelf technology enables the use of geo-tagging capabilities to track products precisely throughout the supply chain. This ensures products reach their intended destinations without compromise, reducing the risk of diversion and ensuring a seamless customer experience. Additionally, conductive ink can be utilized to implement unique authentication features like encrypted codes or hidden patterns, providing an extra layer of security against counterfeiting and safeguarding brand integrity.


GPA Global and Touchcode

At GPA Global, our collaboration with Touchcode is fuelled by a shared commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries. Together, we are empowering businesses to unleash the full potential of their packaging. By seamlessly integrating this transformative technology into our clients’ packaging solutions, we are taking their brand experiences to new heights, optimizing inventory management, and ensuring product authenticity.


Beyond Packaging. Thinking Big!

Packaging may be the last thing we do, but it holds the power to make a lasting impression on consumers. At GPA Global, we believe in thinking big and going beyond traditional packaging constraints. We understand that successful brands need captivating designs that leave an indelible mark. That’s why we invest in the capabilities necessary to deliver seamless packaging solutions without limits.

Our partnership with Touchcode and the integration of conductive ink and Smart Shelf technology exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. By embracing these transformative technologies, we go beyond packaging. We enable brands to elevate their customer engagement, optimize inventory management, and ensure product authenticity and security.


For inquiries about integrating Smart Shelf technology into your packaging solution, contact Mike Marcinkowski, our head of R&D and Material Science, at

1 June 2023
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