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Captivating International’s 13th Annual Charity Auction

Captivating International’s 13th Annual Charity Auction

On Saturday October 16th, our charity partners Captivating International will be holding an auction to raise funds for their vital work across China.

Captivating International’s 13th Annual Charity Auction

The event will take place at the Futian Shangri-La in Shenzhen, beginning at 6pm, and will be a night of fine dining, entertainment and fantastic prizes.

Captivating’s mission

Captivating International was set up by Andrew and Julie Colquhoun in 2008, with three aims:

  1. To educate girls
  2. To end poverty
  3. To stop human trafficking 

The charity works across the poorest regions of China and East Asia, to improve the lives of vulnerable people – especially girls and young women.

Intercept a Girl at the Border

Some of Captivating’s most vital work is currently taking place in Nepal. It’s thought that 20,000 Nepali girls are trafficked every year, and that in many of the poorest villages few – if any – girls over the age of 10 remain. The majority of girls who are trafficked will never be seen by their families again.
Captivating is currently funding 31 police-approved checkpoints on the Nepal border to help prevent the movement of girls out of the country. Trafficked girls and women who are successfully intercepted can be counseled, educated and returned to their families.

Stop human trafficking Captivating

How is GPA Global involved with Captivating?

We have been partnered with Captivating since 2013. In 2015, we began matching donations to their Greenhouse Project, which enabled families in poverty-stricken areas to build and grow vegetables in their own greenhouses.
Currently, we’re supporting Captivating on My First Job. This program helps young women gain employment through mentoring and training, and connects them to trusted employers. We’ve also supported Pigs for Poverty, a program that helps single mothers rear and sell pigs – learn more about our support for this project here.

Captivating International’s 13th Annual Charity Auction

Our contribution to the charity auction

We are Diamond Sponsors of the upcoming Captivating event, and on the night of the auction will be matching donations made to the My First Job program, up to RMB 150,000 ($23,000). In other words: we’ll double any contribution you make!

Take part in the auction

We’re inviting our friends, suppliers and clients based in China to take part in Captivating’s October auction.  
Tickets are priced at RMB 900 per person (or RMB 7,200 for a table of eight). If you buy before September 19th you can get an early bird discount rate of RMB 800 per person (or RMB 6,400 for a table of eight). Ticket price includes dinner and entertainment – as well as the opportunity to bid on a range of desirable items and experiences.
Click here to book your tickets.

Donate to Captivating

If you’re not based in China, but you’d like to contribute to Captivating’s vital work, you can make a charity donation through the website. To learn more about the incredible projects Captivating is currently running, visit this page, where you’ll find detailed information about each program and how to donate.
Any donation you make will be classed as tax-deductible if you’re based in the US, Hong Kong or China.

Donate Here  


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