Jam Classic Wireless Speaker

About the project

Jam Audio is a consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures affordable speakers, headphones and earbuds. One of their most popular products is a portable wireless speaker, the Jam Classic, which is operated via Bluetooth connection and is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

GPA was invited to manufacture packaging for the Jam Classic, the best-selling wireless Bluetooth speaker in the US. We were asked to create something that fit with the functionality of this affordable and easy-to-use product. The desired look was a “jar of jam” – in short, something fun, simple and accessible.

The project outcome

Retailers often use the success of the Jam Classic as an example of how a product can move away from traditional “tech specs” and encourage purchases through great design. With that in mind, we set about creating packaging that would perfectly complement the Jam Classic branding. We worked with the brand’s network of OEM factories, procuring labeling machines that could apply two labels exactly on opposite sides of the jar with a three-degree angle.

A laser sight helped us position the labels in exactly the right spot depending on the lid orientation. The finished effect was immaculate – seen individually or together within the display tray these containers have a fantastic look that evokes the bold simplicity of the product within. We didn’t just create a great package at an amazing price – we helped to see the entire process was done to perfection.

Flexible / Rigid Plastic

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