Custom Beauty Packaging

For the world’s leading beauty brands, keeping up with everchanging demands, whether aesthetic or functional, is no easy task. Our practical, yet elegant packs are the perfect solution. Our specialities in luxury packaging have seen GPA Global established as a trusted partner for some of the world’s most recognisable names.

Whether creating packaging for premium perfume, skincare, or makeup lines, our expert team of designers will create designs that can embody your brand while being functional, sustainable, and consumer-driven.

Custom Beauty Product Packaging 

GPA Global makes it easy for leading beauty and cosmetics brands to keep up with the exciting and ever-changing demands of the industry by keeping a finger on the pulse resulting in functional packaging that exudes timely elegance.

Our legacy of experience in luxury packaging solutions has seen GPA Global established as a trusted partner for some of the world’s most elite brands – creating packs for global beauty giants such as Estée Lauder. Our versatility also ensures that we have solutions for our recognisable, everyday brands such as Rimmel makeup using our rigid box solution, and Vaseline utilising our vacuum forming solution.

Our expert team of designers and engineers can deliver a specialised approach to the marketing of our client’s beauty and cosmetics products by considering the whole picture.

We create packaging that embodies your brand while being functional, sustainable, and consumer-driven. We are careful to maintain branding through colour consistency across all products and test every pack rigorously to ensure it is fit for purpose.

The beauty and cosmetics aisle can be a competitive space but GPA Global makes sure your product stands out. The brand impact can be improved by using our custom-built dress-up kits which carve out a clear space for your brand while still adhering to the specific retailer’s peg wall restrictions. GPA Global’s custom displays are light and durable with a fantastic finish, offering so much more than a standard temporary display. Popular products suited to the sector include end caps and shelf-toppers for check-out lanes.

GPA Global is committed to ensuring a permanent space for years to come for our client’s products within the beauty and cosmetics aisle by providing packaging solutions that tick all the boxes.


Taking your packaging to the next level


The Full Package

Our process has always been about covering every angle. From start to finish, we’ve refined a process that makes client-centricity a priority at every turn. Our expert team of designers, craftsmen, engineers, and logistics team will handle every stage of the journey, ensuring your product gets the packaging it deserves.

If you, like us, view sustainability as mission-critical, we can help. We were founded on sustainable principles and have a wealth of experience working with renewable and recyclable materials.

We create award-winning packaging expertly tailored to your product and your brand.