Our US regional supply chains are giving companies a practical and sustainable edge

GPA Global is a leading packaging manufacturer and supply chain solutions company with locations around the world and an ethos firmly rooted in sustainability.

From our early days, turnkey solutions have been at the heart of our offering – we don’t just manufacture your product, we design, engineer, test, manufacture, handle warehousing, and organize shipping to locations around the world.

GPA Global has a creative HQ in Shenzhen, China with over 400 professional staff as well as our US HQ in Bellevue, Washington.  We have manufacturing capabilities on both coasts able to offer packaging solutions and supply chain management based entirely within North America.

For US brands seeking a more cost-effective and sustainable approach to manufacturing and logistics, partnering with GPA Global is a game-changer.

What are supply chain solutions?
The supply chain is the chain of actions involved in bringing a product to market. It incorporates:

  • Design, engineering, development
  • Material science and a design for manufacturability
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage of the product in a warehouse
  • Distribution to the retail distribution center or direct to consumer

Most companies that offer supply chain solutions only specify in one or two points along the supply chain.  GPA is experienced across every aspect of the supply chain, and are well-equipped to take on the responsibility for overseeing all of these aspects, right until the product is delivered into the retail space and made available to the consumer.

For brand owners, outsourcing the management of their supply chain is a great way to keep a very lean overhead and focus on making the best possible product for the market, while outsourcing everything else to GPA.

What are the benefits of a regional supply chain?

According to McKinsey 2019, the typical consumer company’s supply chain creates much greater social and environmental costs than its own operations. Supply chain impacts account for more than 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and more than 90% of the impact on air, land, water, biodiversity and geological resources.

A local or a regional supply chain manufactures everything within the geographic region where the products are sold, or ships products in bulk (to reduce freight costs) into the geographic region to postpone the packaging process to the last mile specific to the retailer or on-line sales channel.

This postponement model helps reduce logistics costs, aids speed to market, reduces inventory exposure, lowers payment terms and frees up cash-flow, and is good for the environment as it drives down carbon emissions.  GPA is laser focused to help our clients build a more sustainable packaging supply chain and drive costs down.

Which regional supply chain solutions are offered by GPA Global in the US?

The GPA team offers a range of regional supply chain solutions to brands based in the United States. We manage and oversee transportation, design & manufacturing of the packaging, warehousing, and JIT pack-out & fulfilment. In short, we can oversee the entire development of your packaging supply chain.

What kinds of facilities does GPA Global run in the US?

We have multiple manufacturing facilities, offices and warehouses across the US and in Mexico, all of which have contributed to our expanding supply chain capabilities.

Across our facilities we can offer the following:

  • Design, engineering, testing, prototyping
  • Production across mixed materials
  • Logistics support & value-add fulfillment

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities include but not limited to:

  • Offset & flexographic printing
  • In-line foil transfer
  • Liquid ink technologies
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Embossing & debossing
  • Fluted corrugated litho lamination
  • Die-cutting
  • Windowing
  • Gluing
  • Plastic thermoforming
  • Automation support

Our North American facilities have a particular specialism in folding carton packaging, however we’re equipped to offer a wide range of packaging styles, suited to every sector, from food and beverage through to electronics.

Chatsworth, California
This facility is based in the heart of Los Angeles and very close to the Long Beach port of entry, giving GPA a highly strategic location to service the West Coast.  We have the latest printing technology for folding cartons as well as commercial printing needs.

Mansfield, Massachusetts
GPA acquired the 103-year-old printing legacy HUB Folding Box factory in Mansfield, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. This 300,000-square-foot, 10-acre facility has operated as a family business for three generations, and now has the support of GPA Global as a parent company. It’s home to the latest in print technologies and folding carton equipment.

HUB boasts highly qualified service departments, including a creative studio, mechanical packaging and engineering, and custom tool making.

Las Vegas, Nevada
We are currently in the process of opening a brand new North American site, based in Las Vegas. This will be a state-of-the-art facility, specializing in two eco-friendly materials: wet and dry press paper pulp, and bio-resin. From here we’ll be able to manufacture a range of sustainable packs and packaging components, including trays, jars, bottles, bags, films and utensils.

What are the benefits of partnering with GPA Global?

Go green
GPA Global has made a commitment to cutting back on waste, pollution and emissions, and finding innovative new ways to manufacture exceptional packaging that pushes the industry forward for sustainability.

Our regional bases within North America and our comprehensive supply chain capabilities allow us to reduce the environmental costs traditionally associated with manufacturing and transporting materials.

Avoid shipping disruptions
In recent months, shipping disruptions have created huge problems for manufacturers who source raw materials and goods from China and other east Asian countries. A regional supply chain that operates within one area doesn’t have to factor in the potential delays associated with transporting goods across thousands of miles of ocean.

Keep costs down
Transportation costs can be sky-high when shipping overseas. By sourcing locally you can cut costs without cutting corners.

Sustainability is at the heart of GPA Global’s US supply chain solutions

Sustainability is central to our packaging solutions, which is why we’re always looking for ways to improve our eco-credentials. Providing a local supply chain and reducing transportation emissions is a key facet of our commitment to sustainability, however we consider all elements of the process, including space utilization, materials management and recyclability.

In the past few years we’ve partnered with big-name brands to manufacture innovative sustainable packaging along these lines.

Our recent work for Jameson Irish Whiskey and RAIN involved crafting mono-material packaging from recycled paper and soy inks – the resulting packs are not only highly functional, but incredibly easy to recycle.

New innovations from GPA Global

Exciting developments are currently in the pipeline at GPA Global. At our new facility in Nevada we’ll be taking our sustainability mission even further by manufacturing products from paper pulp and bio-resin. The ultimate aim is to cut back on – and even eliminate – the use of the plastics in our packaging.

Our paper pulp products are made from FSC-certified wood fibers, recycled fibers, and sugarcane and bamboo waste fibers, while our bio-resins are 100% compostable. And because we can add a variety of colors and finishes to these products, our clients can rest assured that there won’t be any loss of quality or aesthetic appeal.

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27 September 2021
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