Our bespoke, luxury packaging is the perfect fit for Irish Distillers premium whisky

Linda Lucas, our President of Irish Operations, has just featured in a video produced by Irish Distillers.

Here at GPA Luxury, we have a long history of working with Irish Distillers brands – and in particular brands like Redbreast, which are the focus of this new video series, Grain to Glass. Each episode examines a different aspect of the whiskey manufacturing process – from farming right through to packaging – putting specific focus on sustainability.

In Irish Distillers own words, “the story of our whiskeys is one of craft, care, excellence and a respect for the world around us”.

In our episode, Linda talks through the GPA approach to crafting premium packaging without compromising on sustainable ideals. As she explains, luxury packaging for whiskey was once all about the elaborate details – but now the discerning consumer is more interested in whether it ticks those all-important boxes for eco-friendliness.

As Linda explains in the video, we’ve adapted our approach to meet this new demand and “the techniques we employ, whether it’s using cutting-edge paper technology or ethically-sourced wood, have already had a huge impact on our sustainability journey, helping reduce plastic use and protect our forests.

Watch the video for the full story – and don’t forget to share on social media!

16 November 2021
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