Eco-Logic: our range of luxury packaging with sustainability at the heart of the design

Within luxury packaging, there’s a misconception that sustainability cannot go hand in hand with premium quality. In fact, luxury brands are exceptionally well-positioned to deliver sustainable products and packaging – not least because consumers within this sector are willing to pay more.

Here at GPA, we’re always looking for ways to operate more sustainably, and to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals. For our latest project, we’ve created a new range of biodegradable packaging made from molded pulp to demonstrate our capabilities within the luxury cosmetics sector.

This is Eco-Logic, from GPA Global.


The first pack in our range is Butterfly, a container box designed to store multiple cosmetics items.

We used wet-press technology to craft the moulded pulp insert for this telescoping pack. In brief, this means that we applied wet pulp to heated moulds, where it was pressed and dried, resulting in superior dimensional accuracy and an exceptionally smooth finish that evokes the look and feel of thermoformed plastic. Unlike thermoformed plastic, however, this material is 100% compostable.

We wrapped the exterior of our Butterfly pack in black, FSC-certified paper, embellished with a pink and gold floral design. Further embellishments include gold foil piping around the edges of the lid and a pattern of spot UV butterflies, which continues onto the base of the pack.

All inks used on this pack are sustainably made from soybeans. Compared to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is accepted as more environmentally friendly. The adhesives are all white glue, which is water-based, and all foils are recyclable.

Upon lifting the lid, the user is presented with the complex inner fitment, which is topped with a layer of gold card and can hold a variety of cosmetic products. On the inner face of the lid, we added aluminum transfer paper embellished with the same butterfly pattern as the exterior. Unlike regular silver cards, this transfer paper isn’t coated in a polypropylene film, which means it remains 100% biodegradable.

This eco-friendly cosmetics packaging is the ideal solution for gift sets, influencer kits, and limited-edition product launches.


The second pack in our new range is Leaf. Based on a shoebox design that is similar to Butterfly, this elegant pack was crafted using the same wet-press moulded pulp technique and utilizes soy inks, water-based white glue, and recyclable foils.

We wrapped the exterior in FSC-certified paper printed with a stylish, modern botanical design, and once again added subtle embellishments with gold foil. The base of the box is grey with a subtle spot UV leaf pattern.

Inside we inserted the molded pulp fitment, which has been fashioned to hold a small selection of cosmetics products and topped with matte grey card. As with Butterfly, we added biodegradable aluminum transfer paper to the inner face of the lid.

This is another example of pulp packaging that has countless applications with cosmetics.


Our third pack, Peacock, has a different style to the first two, although it is also been constructed from wet-press molded pulp and utilizes eco-friendly materials like water-based white glue and recyclable foils. We crafted this as a standing box with a hinged door that opens to reveal three fitments.

The most distinctive aspect of this pack – aside from the striking purple Peacock design on the front – is that it is coated in a deep blue, suede-like material delicately embossed with various patterns. We continued this material onto the interior of the pack, using it to coat the molded pulp fitments that hold the cosmetics.

This ingenious material was sourced from Winter & Company and is called Suedel® Luxe Recycled. Not only is it fully biodegradable, but it also offers an efficient solution to the problem of material wastage in cotton production. Winter & Company collects, cleans, and processes cotton waste before applying it to a recycled paper base, thereby helping to “close the loop”.

For luxury cosmetics brands seeking a heightened textural aspect for their packaging, this material is a fantastic option.

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11 January 2022
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